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Tree Removal

At Sdotosaints, our primary specialization is Tree Removal. We are here to assist you in performing the job in a safe manner, while reducing any future risk of damage to your property. If you have a dead or dying tree, an irreparable/hazardous tree, a tree that is causing obstruction, crowding or causing harm to other objects, a tree that needs to be replaced, or is in an area where new construction requires it's removal,  then we are here to help!

Start with a free estimate by a professional, then a time and date will be set at your convenience for our Tree Services Team to take down your tree, cut and haul all debris off your property, and followed by a thorough cleanup of your yard.

If needed, we offer Emergency Tree Services after certain occasions such as wind storms, and/or lightning storms that have caused damage. Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall on unwanted areas and we can help remove them, as well as restore your property's appearance. You can put your trust in us!

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Reasons to Remove a Dead Tree

1. Dead trees are ugly!

Nobody likes dead trees. Let's face it, they're ugly and an eyesore, especially when you take all this time caring for your lawn and personal property. The last thing you need is a giant dead tree overshadowing the beauty.

2. Dead trees attract pests!

Vermin and pests - such as termites and rats - are more than happy to make home in a dead tree. Of course, a home is a home, so any animal make nest there, but the vermin and pests are particularly fond of the dead trees.

3. Diseases are contagious!

Just picture it: A beautiful lawn filled with flowers, tall trees, trimmed bushes... It's perfect. But that one dead tree in the back is infected with SOMETHING. And, slowly, you watch as this disease spreads and causes death to your other plants. Don't let that happen - get rid of the dead tree.

4. Dead trees aren't as sturdy as they used to be.

Let's face it. After a certain age, nothing is quite what it used to be. What used to be a tall, powerful oak is now a crumbling fraction of its former self. The branches are hanging, bark is falling off, and it's shedding these horrible seeds. Don't let this dead tree break during a storm and fall onto the house or property.

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Mulching and designing flower beds is a trained skill! that we take pride in providing. Whatever you need planted or removed is no problem.
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Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning are dreaded tasks that everyone puts to the back of their mind until it's a reality! And when that reality is too much to handle, call us in for assistance.

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Snow Plowing and Snow Shoveling are high on our list of most charitable programs (SHOVEL FOR THE SAINTS) we offer 20% percent of all profits made through snow season to saint Jude's children.


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