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Saints in Service


Sdotosaints has created a church program called, Saints In Service, to help support our local churches, missionaries and help to further their cause of bringing people to the Lord. This is one of our ways to make sure we stay grounded in our beliefs and community. When our owners founded Sdotosaints, they knew that it would be a struggle to try and find a balance between business and religion. This program is one of many bridges that have been created to close that gap and show other businesses in our community that you don’t need to resort to bad business practices or disown your beliefs in order to have a successful business but most of all, to put God first in everything we do. This program will be giving 25% of it’s profits generated from services we provide to local churches in the state of Ohio and their members at the end of the year to missionaries. The services we can offer churches and it’s members include Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Snow Removal, Landscaping, Interior/Exterior Painting, Junk Removal, Spring/Fall Clean ups, and Demolition. Also, by signing up for our Saints In Service Program you will automatically be entered as a nominee for Life’s Fair Non-Profit. The 25% will come directly from the company, not from donations or fundraisers. Each church has received a profile space which has the name of church, location, a brief description of the church’s denomination and values and a list of special events and charitable acts that their specific church offers for the community and it’s members. This will be posted on our company’s website and profiled on Life’s Fair website. This database of churches will be a go-to for your local communities. This is an easy way to showcase your church and a small step in increasing followers in christ.