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In order for you to understand our methods of business, you must first understand the people behind the methods. When we first started Sdotosaints, it was to create jobs in our community,  help to make lives better and more fulfilling, all  while bringing people to the Lord. The most difficult challenge was figuring out what could we inform about, implement or offer to continue in our efforts to meet this life goal because it’s such a fine art finding that balance between business and religion. There were plenty of people who told us not to because it would make non-religious customers feel uncomfortable but we assured them (as we can assure whomever might be reading this today!) our goal is not to force our beliefs on customers, or anyone for that matter, but to be a vessel of information and a prime example of what doing good business looks like.

Our company is based on helping the people of our local communities and stretching even beyond that, but only help, not force! We have created and put into place multiple programs that function throughout different times of the year. These programs not only benefit charity but they benefit our homeowners as well! (If you would like to learn more about these programs, please visit the programs descriptions to see if they are right for you!)

SDOTOSAINTS Charitable programs

25 % Of all contracting done by our company for city, state or government jobs goes to our youth at life's fair. For more info on this non profit please be sure to click on the link we provided.

Lifes fair (non profit)  

  • School supplies - pencils, pens, paper, book bags
  • College fund  
  • Church support
  • Lifes fair (Event)

Voted best of 2016 by Home Advisor, Sdotosaints is your #1 choice for any home projects you may have. We specialize in tree removal and transport services, but we offer a much wider variety of smaller services. Our customers deserve the best, which is what we strive for every day.

Sdotosaints has two primary goals for its everyday operations:

  • To give the best customer service we possibly can to every client to ensure the best experience and highest satisfaction
  • To complete every job in its entirety as quickly as efficiently as possible

Sdotosaints is contracting made simple.